New & improved sports nutrition range

Improved taste, formulation and texture

We are thrilled to announce that we are relaunching our sports nutrition range with new and improved formulations, tastes, and designs. We have been working hard to make our products even better than before. The core of each product is still the same, we have just made it better

One of the exciting new changes we have made is to the design of our products. Each product has a new, more modern look. In addition to the new design, we have also taken steps to make our products even more environmentally friendly. We have removed the plastic straw and have moved to a pull-tab solution.

Read more about each product and it's main changes below:


Daily Omega-3

Recharge Omega-3 becomes Daily Omega-3

We've made improvements to the flavor and nutritional content, making it even easier to drink daily and support your overall health. Our team has worked hard to create a drink that's not only nutritious but also tastes even better than before. 

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PW High Protein

Recharge High Protein becomes Post Workout High Protein

Our upgraded High Protein drink is the perfect addition to your workout routine. With its improved texture and boosted carbohydrates content, it will help you feel energized and refreshed after even the toughest workouts. 

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PW High Omega-3

Recharge Fuel becomes Post Workout High Omega-3

Taste the difference with our newly improved Post Workout High Omega-3 drink. With its delicious apricot flavor and boosted carbohydrates content, it's the perfect way to refuel after a workout. And with its high omega-3 content, it's the perfect way to support your overall health and wellness. 

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